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Nurturing + Fun + Safe Learning Environment for All Children to Flourish

At Creative Children's Center, we treat children as if they were our own, providing quality care through enthusiastic, optimistic, gentle, and respectful teachers and staff.

Our teacher-to-child ratio is 1:8 for early childhood educational programs and 1:12 for school-age programs, dramatically reducing the 1:18 public school ratio for school-age children.

Providing high quality care also means employing educated, trained, and experienced staff. Our Lead Teachers are degreed and credentialed, required to remain current with ongoing training hours in the Early Childhood Education field. In return, they are paid higher and earn more benefits than other Early Childhood Education centers, which helps us maintain a 20% or lower staff turnover, keeping your child with the same teacher throughout the year.

Passion is what led us here, and we are here to serve you and your family.

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Academic Year

Enrollment has begun for the start of school this fall. Space is limited. 



Toddler with Toys


6 weeks - 18 months

We focus on your child's individual learning and exploration through sensory play, providing opportunities for children to explore creatively and imaginatively using props and purposeful toys and activities in an open-ended way.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Young Learners

18 months - 30 months

During this stage, children learn to socialize with their peers. We encourage children to learn the rules and expectations of learning with other friends in the classroom and playing productively. 

Playing in Nursery


24 months - 36 months

We promote children to use their self-help skills by allowing them to try new things first. This helps children build onto the ability to problem solve for the next program. We place an emphasize on art in this program. 

Image by Jason Sung



36 months - 48 months

Taking their life experiences from our younger programs and implementing the education aspect to project them into preschool - Children begin to learn routines and expectations of a school environment. We focus on social studies in this program.

Art Class


Readiness Students

48 months - 60 months

The heart of preschool - this is where children build from their prior knowledge experiences to enhance their opportunities to learn more about specific subject areas such as science, engineering, and mathematics. Children learn to collaborate with their peers. 

Gardening Lesson

School Age


Kindergarten - 5th Grade

We coach and mentor students by positively promoting their self-image and helping them through social challenges of elementary school. Our summer program, Camp Creative, promotes life skills that children will be able to use throughout life. 

Facilitating Meaningful Learning Opportunities

All creative programs use a research-proven curriculum to meet current Early Learning standards in Maryland. All lessons and activities provided to our students daily are developmentally appropriate, and we strive ourselves on these quality practices. Each activity, whether challenging or fun, provide meaningful learning opportunities as they uncover the world around them. We promote play in a fun learning environment.

We provide breakfast and snack to all children, both served family-style to promote engaging conversations among child and teacher as well as child and child, thus helping build your child's self-image.

We encourage families to volunteer and join our Parent Advisory Board to continue to provide quality education and care to the children in our community.

Implementing ongoing improvements remains our goal, year after year.

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