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Facilitating Development and Setting the Structure for Preschool

The Early Learning program is designed  to help children begin to regulate their social and emotional skills, learn to take turns, play and cooperate with their peers, and begin to master self-help skills such as potty-training or washing their hands. Children are expanding their knowledge in vocabulary, alphabet, colors, color-mixing reactions, and American Sign Language. They are beginning to formulate sentences with two or three thoughts. They are learning more about who they are as an individual. This is a pivotal time in their development because it begins with setting the structure for preschool. Our teachers help with your children achieve these goals and much more. 

The Early Learning program utilizes the Creative Curriculum, which helps children engage in natural curiosity for hands-on investigative learning using topics the children are familiar with such as brushes, paper, balls, and rocks. In conjunction with the Curriculum, we use Teaching Strategies for online data, collecting on your child's progress and development.  

Day Care

A Day in Early Learning

This program includes a variety of learning experiences throughout the day. Each day includes:

  • Large group meeting time: Children build community, learn new project themes, problem solve important questions as a group, and read stories.

  • Small group: Children choose which learning center to explore which includes new items related to their theme. Teachers enhance learning experiences with a small focus group to work on learning objectives such as numbers, colors, letters, and sight words.

  • Outdoor time occurs twice a day

  • American Sign Language interaction through daily routine, large group meeting time, and music. 

Butterfly Release Project

Each spring, our Early Learning students participate in raising Monarch butterflies. Children continue to grow their science vocabulary during this project and actively participate in watching the caterpillars transform into chrysalis to their final stage, "The King of the Butterflies." Children then release the butterflies in the Center. From time to time, the same butterflies stop by the Center to pay the children a visit.

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