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Camp Creative

The Creative Children's Center offers Summer Care for children 6 weeks - 12 years old. During the summer months, we have implemented our Summer Enrichment Program, offered for children 18 months - 12 years old. Students will follow a theme-based calendar created on a weekly basis. Examples include, "At The Beach" and "Patriotic Week". Students enjoy projects, food-related items that coordinate with the theme, and special field trips! Students will also enjoy outdoor activities, twice per day. The Center offers various games and activities such as balls, frisbees, hula-hoops, and jump ropes. Our Summer Program also offers at least one field trip per week for children ages 4-12.

Camp Creative is designed for each age group. Our program offers the same theme-based calendar. In addition, numerous field trips will be offered to students. Some of these field trips range from an on-site reptile show, museums, farms, zoos, and hiking our beautiful town trails and county parks. Every month, students take nature walks around certain parks in the local community, including the new hiker/biker trail located in Myersville, Maryland. Doub's Meadow Park gives children the chance to run freely, under close supervision, while enjoying many features including soccer fields, baseball fields, running track, bridge that oversees our wildlife preserve, and countless options of playground equipment.

During the summer months, children enjoy the satisfaction of exploring concepts not typically addressed in the traditional classroom setting. Creative Children's Center offers more than the average childcare provider, as we harness the knowledge and tools to ensure the best learning environment possible for your child.

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