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Image by Tim Gouw


CCC Myersville

603 Main Street

Myersville, Maryland 21773




Mr. Brett

Co-Owner & President

I started my journey with the Creative Children’s Center since I was 2 years old. I was enrolled in CCC’s educational Preschool program until I entered Myersville’s Kindergarten program. I practically grew up at the Creative Children’s Center and their programs and educators have shaped who I am today. While in Highschool and the first couple years of college, I worked as a teacher’s aide for several years and then worked as the Administrative Assistant for a couple years before starting, what I had thought was, my “career job”. After four years at another corporate company down the road, I felt that I could do more to support my local community. I had completed by bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in economics and well as completing my MBA from the University of Maryland. I’m very happy to be back and supporting the growing vision of early childhood education right here in our local community. I greatly enjoy working with students, families and teachers each and every day to make a positive difference in their lives. We are fully invested in the children and families of our community who seek the best possible education and care available.  

The Creative Children’s Center shares a lot of history within our community, as we have called Myersville our home for 25 years. Our renewed vision and mission introduced significant changes and improvements to our school across all facets of our school’s operational model. Making these investments is critical to the success of our students as they participate in new challenges that better prepare them for the world ahead. So far, CCC has made significant changes to our programs such as Maryland Excels and MSDE Accreditation, experienced and credentialed teachers, outdoor facilities improvements and so much more! We understand that families have a lot on their plate, and it is our role and prerogative as educational professionals and leaders in our community to ensure that your child’s transition to school and childcare is as seamless as possible. Promoting a welcoming, safe and secure environment for your child to learn, develop and grow is an integral part of our mission here at Creative.

I would like to thank those families who have supported us along the way and welcome all of our new families to our growing community and school. I look forward to establishing a positive-working relationship with all of our families and students and look forward to what the future holds. From all of us here at the Creative Children’s Center, thank you again and welcome to the family!



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