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From our humbled beginnings, Creative started as an in-home daycare at Mrs. Linda Bidle's house located in Myersville, Maryland in 1993. Soon Linda realized how much of a need there was in the Myersville Community for child care. Linda took a risk in starting the business and moved immediately into Mount Zion Methodist Church, where we have been serving our community, for the last 25 years.

The Creative Difference

Cutting edge technology

We prepare your child with interactive boards before they enter the public school system.

Locally owned and operated

The owners and many of our Center's staff are proud Middletown and Myersville natives.

MSDE Accredited and Maryland Excels

We provide higher-quality, early childhood educational experience for the greater Myersville area.

Research-driven curriculum

MSDE-approved & evaluated curriculum; meets Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. goals.

Nursery School

Enhanced security systems

We provide the convenience of keyless entry for families and staff, protecting your most vulnerable asset, your children.

Degreed and credentialed teachers

You never have to worry about your child, as we view our teachers as educational professionals who must maintain qualifications and credentialing levels each year.

Live streaming camera service in classrooms

Trying a new center or missing your child during the day can be difficult. We provide access to check on your kids from any device.

Our Mission

Creating future leaders of our society by providing exceptional childcare and educational opportunities for children of all abilities and diverse backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

We believe Creative Children’s Center offers developmentally appropriate curriculum for students and we strive to enhance the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in everyone who enters our Center each and every day. Our programs foster curiosity, creativity and self-esteem by taking into account children’s and staff’s abilities and interests. Child initiated and teacher supported play is an essential component of our program.

In addition, our program contributes understanding that support teacher’s in maintaining a cohesive purpose: improvement of the life chances of culturally diverse children and staff through formal education. We strive to foster an ethic of social responsibility among our children and staff. We urge students and staff to acquire and use all the resources of their culture that can be implemented into our program. Furthermore, we will make any necessary accommodations to welcome all children, families and staff regardless of their primary language

Our Goals

Our goal is to address the needs of the whole child by enhancing their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. We will provide learning experiences that promote:

  • Social Development

    • Learning to properly socialize in large and small groups

    • Learning responsible behavior

    • Acquiring respect for individual differences

  • Emotional Development

    • Promoting positive self-image

    • Promoting trust, independence, and harmony

    • Developing self-control

  • Cognitive Development

    • Emerging literacy skills

    • Building number sense

    • Experiencing science, art, and music

  • Physical Development

    • Improving large and small muscle development

    • Improving hand/eye coordination

    • Encouraging hands-on experiences

  • Creative Development

    • Promoting active learning

    • Making independent choices

Creative's History


What people say

I thought I would take some time to write a review for the Creative Children’s Center after four months since my 2yr old daughter started receiving daycare services from there. Being a higher education faculty myself, you can imagine I was in search of an institution that not only meets the developmental and social needs of my daughter, but also take seriously, the beginnings of a lifelong academic engagement. CCC is not only accredited, but seems to have satisfied all my needs. My daughter has not only begun building a strong vocabulary, but is now able to sing, paint and scribble. Her social skills have greatly improved and she wakes up every morning, utters her teacher’s name, and eagerly anticipates a day at CCC. Brett, the president of CCC, does not only have an MBA, but re-evaluates all aspects of the center on a daily basis, garnering new ideas and ways to improve the center into a world class institution. He takes communication with parents seriously and gives daily briefings in emails and other channels. Accounting is clear and spotless. The place is always thoroughly clean, home-like and the atmosphere is conducive for both the children and their parents who show up daily to drop or pick up their children. I highly recommend CCC for any parent who has a dream for their child.

— Leveque

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