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Promoting Positive Educational Experiences Through Exploration and Discovery

Our Infant/Toddler program is designed to provide a nurturing environment while emphasizing physical and fine motor skills to develop growth milestones. 

Our teachers provide the best care to our youngest learners. Creative Curriculum helps children engage in natural curiosity for hands-on investigative learning using familiar objects such as brushes, paper, balls, and rocks.


In addition, they use the Creative Curriculum with enhanced Teaching Strategies online platform to track your child's development. As this age, children develop the fastest. They are always on the go at, which is why our teachers provide a variety of learning and care throughout in both classrooms.

Baby's Clutch

Infant Classroom

Our infant classroom ranges from children 6 weeks to 12 months old to ensure developmentally appropriate practices and the safety and comfort of every child in our care. 


Toddler Classroom

Our toddler classroom ranges from 12 months to 18 months to promote development among other children their age. Children begin to learn to play with each other. Our teachers promote positive engagement with peers and correct behaviors before they become habits. 

Providing Unconditional Safety and Care

For your child to feel safe in our care, we thrive off bonding and providing positive relationships with our teachers. Our teachers treat each child as if it were their own. They stay one step ahead by ensuring the classroom is always safe, whether your child crawls or walks.


We enhance the bond with your child by constantly communicating during every aspect of your child's day. For instance, while your toddler is working on self-help skills, trying to feed themselves, our dedicated teachers speak to them, which improves your child's vocabulary.


In addition, music is a big a part of your infant and toddler's day. Music encourages creativity, movement, and coordinated effort. They use their leg muscles to bounce up and down, and use their hands and arms to help balance. Music varies each day and includes folk, classic, and cultural awareness. 

The most significant growth in this program is the physical development of each child. Our teachers help promote these experiences through daily tummy time to work on the core muscles.


We also use our muscles in the toddler program to work on our yoga poses based on the theme of the week. Teachers get creative with making the poses theme-based for a fun twist on movement - whether trying to walk between one caregiver to the next or play on our approved infant and toddler playground equipment to promote your child's large gross motor muscle skills, or taking nature walks around the center.

Baby doing yoga exercises. Downward Faci

Promoting Physical Development

Sensory Exploration

Encouraging exploration and promoting learning experiences

At Creative, we aim to enhance your child's learning experience by exploring the world around them through sensory play. At this age, children cannot formulate words but they understand you and interpret your language and movements. Have you ever noticed your child watching everything you are doing? This is your child learning their parents behaviors and reactions.


We promote these learning experiences through art, reading, playing peek-a-boo, and playing with new manipulatives in the classroom. Our teachers really emphasize art. While your child may not be able to hold a paintbrush, they can paint with their hands, feet, fingers, and toes.


By participating in sensory lessons, your child uses their five senses to interpret their world. For example - using textile books to enhance a dramatic story about a dinosaur by feeling its scales.

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