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Helpful Parental Articles on Your Child's Development

Do you ever wonder where your child is developmental compared to other children their age? From every parent whether you think your child is a genius or if you feel your child is delayed when comparing them to their other siblings. We hope you find these articles helpful. 


What to Expect on the First Day

Once we receive your enrollment paperwork, a start date is set for your child. We will prepare your child's cubby with their name and picture. Your child's teacher will welcome your child into the classroom and introduce them to the class. Your child's previous early childhood education experience will determine the transition plan from home, to the classroom. For instance, children who have never been at a previous center may have a harder time transitioning to our program. We ask parents to be patient, as each child transitions differently. We ask parents to bring in a water bottle, blanket, pillow, extra set of clothes with their name labeled on the tags, wipes, diapers, binky, and bibs if applicable. If you are enrolling during the winter months, we ask to bring in a coat, gloves, and a hat as children will be participating in outdoor recess each day (weather permitting of course).  There will be some final parental orientation CCC Administration will review with new families.

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