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Covid-19 Safety_FINAL
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Creative's COVID-19 Response

Implementing strategies to maintain great health and minimize germs

We take our children's, families', and staff's health and safety very seriously and have implemented several new policies and procedures and redefined existing procedures to prevent anyone in our facility from the risk of contracting COVID-19. Therefore, we decided to limit entrance to CCC to facility and students only. To enhance the level and safety of each child, each staff member is trained on our COVID-19 cleaning procedures. We also wanted to continue to enhance the quality in early childhood education in our community. As a result, we cancelled field trips but devised creative ways to provide children with a unique experience relating to community partnerships and parental engagement. 


Contactless Drop-Off/Pick-Up Software

Geofencing app that prompts families as they enter the Center's parking lot. Health and wellness screening questions must be answered prior to drop-off each day.

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Staff-Required Masks

Staff members who are symptomatic are not permitted to work for the day to keep your child safe. Staff are not permitted to return to work until completely asymptomatic. 

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Disinfecting of High-Traffic Surfaces

High-traffic surfaces are disinfected every hour throughout the Center using our Nano-static backpack sprayer. This solution disinfects 99.9% of virus and bacteria on porous and nonporous surfaces.


Virtual Tours

All tours are being held virtually for the health and safety of the children and staff.

Hand Hygiene

Promotion of Health Hygiene

Hand washing is required by all children and staff members upon entry into the Center each day. We encourage proper hand washing throughout the day and prior to dismissal of all children.


Daily Ozone Technology Cleaning Machine

Classroom manipulatives are sanitized daily to eliminate bacteria and viruses on all classroom materials. 

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Health Screenings

Wellness Screenings are conducted upon arrival and at noon for all children and staff. This ensures there are no new onset symptoms.

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Sanitization of Items

All lunch bags and bookbags are disinfected before entering the building.

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Social Distancing

We promote social distancing with personalized classroom barriers to help students keep focused and safe. For staff in classrooms where social distancing is not possible, we require additional PPE to be worn each day.  

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