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Community Partnerships

We believe community partnerships play a vital role in child development

It Takes a Village

According to Tony Bryk (2010), President for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, family and community engagement is one of five essential elements of successful schools.


Families are the first teachers and influence on a child's learning experience. As an early childhood education center, we are a part of that community, providing a richer environment for learning before primary education. Additionally, we work to strengthen families by maintaining open communication regarding their child's development throughout our programs and beyond.


We include various community partnerships to offer social and emotional support for the next generation. By collaborating with quality resources, we teach children by modeling good citizenship.


The Creative Children’s Center strives to establish positive community partnerships through various methods of outreach. Some of the most critical community partnerships we have established are shared below. Through these strong partnerships, we tailor a unique set of community members that align with our program's mission and vision. The partnerships elevate our programs and enhance the overall educational experience and growth and development of every child.

A safe and secure community, providing a developing child the platform to success.

Bryk, A., P. Sebring, A. Allensworth, S. Luppescu, & Easton, J.(2010). Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.)

Middletown High School: Early Childhood Education Program

We established a long foundation of an internship program for students of Middletown High School’s Knee-High Knights Preschool program. Through a trusted, long-standing relationship with Mrs. Gretchen Martin, MHS Knee-High Knights Preschool Educators Rising teaching, we work together to offer real world experience in our childcare center, which promotes educational learning. Furthermore, our Management Team has a strong relationship with Mr. Jim Zimmer, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, and Mrs. Gibson, Work-Based Learning Coordinator.

“Middletown High school has partnered with Creative Children’s Center (CCC) to support the education and care of young children in our community.  Students who study Child Development at Middletown High School complete Internships at CCC.  We have had over 20 students at CCC throughout the years.  Mr. Brett and Mrs. Jackie are very supportive of our program and provide our students first-hand experience in an accredited Early Childhood Education Program.  We look forward to continuing this partnership.”

- Alisa Gibson

Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Middletown High School

“For many years, 12th grade students at Middletown High School have worked at Creative Children's Center in Myersville as a part of their Work-Study experience.  My students have learned so much about working with young children in a variety of settings.  In addition, by working with experienced staff members, they have had the opportunity for real-life learning experiences.  The staff at Creative Children's Center have truly been valuable resources for the high school students, and this partnership is one that they will value for many years to come.  My students have seen first-hand the importance of taking care of society's most valuable resource: our children.  I thank the staff and parents of CCC for giving the Middletown High School Work-Study students the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive environment.”

-Jim Zimmer

Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Middletown High School

MHS has established a partnership with Creative Children’s Center, giving our students an exceptional opportunity to extend their classroom experience.  The students can earn the 135-hour State of MD Child Care Training Certificate by completing three Child Development courses and meeting specified requirements at Middletown High School; the school experience is a reality lesson to prepare them for the workplace. Our internship students, past and present have had valuable experiences to help them define their future of working with children at CCC. Some of our students attended CCC as a child, and it is a rewarding experience for them to give back to their community and return to the Creative Children’s Center in this capacity.

-Gretchen Martin

Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Middletown High School

Child Care Choices

An increase in quality environment and emotional well-being of children

"Child Care Choices (CCC), a program of the Mental Health Association, provides training and technical assistance to programs to support staff learning and increase quality in the environment. CCC also works with staff and families to increase the social and emotional well-being of children through the PERKS program. PERKS helps children, ages birth through five, with social, emotional, and behavioral issues by increasing child care provider and parent skills to deal with difficult behaviors, developing partnerships between parents and early educators as well as teaching children social and emotional skills. Creative Children’s Center has a strong partnership with CCC, utilizing resources and sharing information to benefit other child care programs in the community."

- Patty Morison 

Program Director at Child Care Choices

Children Meditating
Children in Library

"As a children’s author, I visit schools to share my PAWS and THINK! Books series with children. It is my passion to teach important lessons, spread positive messages and foster a love of reading in every child. It has been a pleasure working with the incredible teachers and families at Creative Children’s Center.  They have welcomed me with open arms and provided me with the wonderful opportunity to inspire their students time and time again."

- Miranda Middleman

Author of PAWS and THINK!

Inspiring students through the talent of local authors

Partnering with local authors

Myersville Emergency Personnel

A partnership ensuring stability and growth in Myersville

Police Car

"I’ve been a Peace Officer for nearly 37 years, proudly serving my country as a Military Policeman then as a Sheriff’s Deputy, nearing 31 years. Serving one's country and community is the greatest privilege one can realize. The businesses, schools, and, most importantly, the residents are the core of every community. The teachers and administrators at CCC know this. They are among the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring people I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my many years of service. That’s easy to say, but where’s the proof in the pudding? The children attending CCC!  They are the beneficiaries of the wonderful services! I can clearly see the satisfaction on the faces of the staff as they interact with the children. When I’m privileged to work with them, the rest of my day always seems to go well. The importance of one-on-one mentoring and teaching that CCC provides will continue to be crucial in this community. My role as a Peace Officer often requires me to 'change hats' and become a teacher and mentor as well as an enforcer of local and state laws. I believe that role, and its continued perpetuation, is critical to ensure stability and growth in Myersville."

- Deputy Ken Olander

Frederick County Sheriff's Office 

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